Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Infant Vision:
Birth to 24 Months of Age | American Optometric Association

Even if you don't suspect that your baby has problems with his or her vision, it is wise to take your baby to see the optometrist as soon as 6 months of age; sooner if you suspect any problems.

Infant Vision: <br>Birth to 24 Months of Age | American Optometric Association

Pediatric optometrists (OD) and opthalmologists (MD) have tools and techniques to evaluate babies and non-verbal children, so don't let that keep you from going! Vision is important for all areas of learning: communication so that he baby can look at your face as you are speaking; motor skills so that the baby can look at his hands and feet as those body parts are moving and interacting with toys; social skills so that he can see all of the people within his environment and read social cues given by the other persons facial expressions; cognitive skills so that he can use his eyes to problem solve such as with puzzles; and self-help skills such as to watch the bottle, spoon, or bowl as he is feeding himself. If you are ever concerned about your child's visual skills, no matter the child's age, please take them to see an eye doctor!