Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another Birthday

My son had another birthday this month. He turned the big "3". So, there isn't a toddler in the house any more; we officially have a "big boy"! Potty training and tantrums were difficult, but I predict this year will be on the upswing! I won't have any more personal up-to-date toddler stories to blog about, just stories from work or from my past.

Although part of me is sad that he isn't a "baby" any more, the other part of me is relieved! I can now reason with him, and explain why things are dangerous...instead of just saying "stop" or "no". Over the past six months his receptive and expressive language abilities have made leaps and bounds!

I didn't blog over this past 12 months as much as I would have liked to, but as we all know toddlers can keep us busy, and not to mention my 7 year old, husband, job, and all of other life's duties. But one thing I have done a lot of over the past year is take lots of pictures of all of the events that our family attends or even daily things such as meals and play husband and I are probably looked at as weird at some events because we have separate cameras and we are both shooting away and asking the kids to look and smile at us. In fact, this weekend we attended two kid's birthday parties (1 on Saturday and the other on Sunday) and celebrated Father's Day, and you guessed it, we took lots of pictures! Well, I hope the next year is as memorable as the last, and I'm sure in the blink of an eye my son will be 4 years old!

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