Sunday, August 2, 2009

Child Development Information in Various Languages

I stumbled upon a website that will translate any website or document into a different language. Although I didn't memorize every language available, I do know that it will translate a website from spanish to english or english to spanish. Other languages I saw were portuguese, french, chinese, russian, and german. This is a great site because it is free. It also means that all of this wonderful information out there on child development can be understood by many more people!

As a professional that works with families of infants and toddlers from other cultures and who speak other languages, this is huge. For some reason, I do not have tons of child development information in chinese on the bookshelves in my study! I also know that you can go to search engines from other countries, pull up sites or articles, and then have them translated into english (or any other language you want).

One good site that offers information on infant and toddler development in english and spanish is For the most part, the site is in english. But some of the articles and handouts can be downloaded in spanish as well as english. If you know of any other great sites in other languages on child development in young children, send a comment my way!

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  1. Thanks for your post, gracias. PBS has some wonderful articles in Spanish. Start here,, and click on any of the articles and on the article page in the right hand corner there is a link "en espanol".

    Se comienza en la pagina notada arriba, y busca el link al lado derecho y arriba que dice "en espanol". Se encuentra un monton de informacion.