Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Paint" With Water

Most young kids love painting. I know that mine do. One way to make painting less messy is to paint with water while outdoors. This can occur with a brush, sponge, hands, and feet. Painting is a great way to develop the tactile sense! Some ideas include:

  • Get a large bowl of water and a wide paint brush. Then, start "painting" the bricks or wood fence outside. The water dries quickly when it's sunny outside.
  • Get a large bowl of water and place it on the drive way or patio. Then, you can put your hands or feet in the water, and make "tracks" on the cement surface.
  • Get a wet sponge and dab it on the sidewalk while drawing different designs or pictures.

With all of these ideas, once the surface is dry, the child can start all over again!

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