Friday, September 25, 2009

Toddler Activity: Sandwich & Burrito Game

One of my 5 year old daughter's favorite things to do is get wrapped up in a larger blanket or comforter and pretend that she is a sandwich or a burrito. We have played this game since she was 2 1/2 and it is a great toddler activity! After wrapping her up in the blanket, AKA bread, I then push on her joints or tickle her as I say that I am adding ketchup, lettuce, mustard or other condiments. I sometimes throw pillows on top of her while saying that I'm adding cheese. I am guaranteed to get a true giggle from her. Afterwards, she likes to switch and have me be the sandwich or burrito. If I am a "burrito" then she pretends to rub cheese, sauce, beans, or meat on me as she pushes or swipes her hands over me. When we really are in a silly mood, we are a double-decker sandwich and get in the blanket together and roll around in synchrony as we add things such as tomatoes and bacon to our sandwich. Often, my 15 month old son will jump or roll around with us, but obviously he is too young to add the imaginative components that her and I do. Yet, he giggles and has lots of fun, too!

This activity helps to develop language because you can ask the child to say what they want put on them. You can also ask goofy questions to an older toddler such as "Do you want chocolate or pickles on your sandwich?" this helps you know if they know categories of foods and that chocolate wouldn't go on a sandwich...although I may have to try it some day! This activity is also working on: cooperation, sharing/ taking turns, touch sensation, muscle strength, following directions (receptive language & cognition), and vestibular & proprioceptive sensations.

Even if you don't play the sandwich or burrito game, just getting on the floor and being silly with your young children is important. Many toddler activities include using the imagination and getting down on the floor. And if you are in the right mindset, you are guaranteed to have fun!

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